The Vancouver Shambhala Centre is run by volunteers. We rely on the inspiration, energy and talents of many people who share in the work of making Shambhala available in the Lower Mainland and beyond.

This work is part of what is known in the Shambhala community as “creating enlightened society”.

You do not need to be a member to offer your time and inspiration. Some volunteer opportunities are:

  • Help clean the Centre
  • Do carpentry / building maintenance
  • Shovel snow and keep the sidewalks clear of litter
  • Maintain the front garden beds
  • Help clean and maintain the shrines (training is available)
  • Operate audio recording equipment and process audio recordings
  • Operate amplification equipment and/or TV online hookups for programs
  • Volunteer in communications, publicity, technology
  • Help with fundraising
  • Help with community celebrations
  • Volunteer at Open House on Wednesdays
  • Work with flower arrangements
  • Offering any special skills you may have


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