Final Talk on The Second Noble Truth: The Origins of Suffering

August 23rd

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    Room: Online using Zoom

    Live On-Line Discussion Group on The Second Noble Truth

    The Origins of Suffering Part I: THE FIVE SKANDHAS

    With Acharya Dale Asrael and Acharya John Rockwell

    This is the final talk of the second course of the five-course series Foundations for Freedom: The Hinayana.

    This talk is being offered by donation as part of the Shambhala Sunday Morning program.


    9:25am   Meditation Instruction

    9:30am   Opening Chants and Sitting

    10:00am   Live On-Line Talk

    11:15am    Bio Break

    11:30am    Discussion Group

    12:00am    Closing Chant and Announcements

    There are no pre-requisites and no pre-registration is required for Shambhala Sunday Morning

    Price: By Donation

    Donations are appreciated, especially during these uncertain times when we have had to cancel most of our revenue-generating programs.

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