Restart. Reconnect. Refresh.

with John Fox

May 6th—July 1st

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    Room: Online using Zoom

    The first Thursday of every month, 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm
    Guided meditation instruction and discussion

    For many of us, being unable to meditate physically with a community for the past while has lessened our connection with meditation practice. This is a monthly opportunity to restart our meditation practice, reconnect with mindfulness and awareness, refresh our motivation and deepen our understanding.

    The evening will include a guided meditation focusing on a particular aspect of sitting meditation, followed by a discussion of meditation in daily life, dharma investigations, and time for questions about meditation practice.

    "Join us for a guided meditation and topical discussion on themes that impact our daily lives, that impact you and me each day on this earth." .. John Fox

    John Fox is a long-time meditator, meditation instructor and teacher in our community.

    By donation.



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