BIPOC-S Regular Sangha Offerings - First and Third Thursdays

July 18th

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    Room: 256 West 7 Avenue, Unit 208

    First and Third Thursdays of every month, starting January, 2024, Regular BIPOC-S Sangha Offerings  weclome Black, Indigenous, People of Colour & Shades as well as allies and co-conspirators, for meditation, refreshments, dharma study, discussion and sharing.

    Schedule: 7pm - 9pm

    1hr Formal meditation practice / including walking meditation
    15 mins Tea and Cookies break
    15 mins Dharma study - (consider being a guest speaker to share your cultural wisdom)
    30 mins Group discussion and processing

    No prior meditation experience is required. Individuals from all spiritual traditions, lineages, and meditative practices are welcome to sit together with us in community. Meditation instruction will be provided upon request.


    Commitment to honesty.

    Commitment to confidentiality.

    Commitment to sharing our experiences without judgement of self or others with mutual respect and understanding.

    Commitment to aspire to dissolve barriers that separate us from each other so that we all feel welcome and supported.

    Commitment to cultivate a sense of belonging and community.

    Commitment to provide a safe & intimate space where one can deepen the practice of meditation & mindful conversation.

    Commitment to study the Dharma from diverse perspectives.


    Registration is not required. You can drop in. Donations are appreciated

    for more information contact Lauren Johnson