Ikebana workshop with Mrs. Sally Yukawa

with Sally Yukawa

July 28th

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  • $95 Program Price
  • $130 Generosity Price
  • ($15 Material Fee included in each price.)
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Room: 256 West 7 Avenue, Unit 208

Rooted in an ancient Japanese tradition, ikebana combines the beauty of flowers with one's creativity to open a path to self discovery.  It hones our patience, mindfulness, confidence and artistic instinct. 

This Workshop: A hands-on experience working with the basic forms of Sogetsu Ikebana including the structural and contemplative aspects of this practice with flowers. Mrs Yukawa will introduce the view and practice of flower arranging and will demonstrate a basic upright and and a slant-style arrangement. 
Students will create one arrangement in the morning and a variation on that arrangement in the afternoon.

The price of the workshop includes the cost of branches and flowers.
Mrs. Yukawa has taught Sogetsu Ikebana for more than 30 years through the Vancouver Shambhala Centre.
Please bring a shallow "cake pan" type container so you can bring your arrangement home with you. If you have a kenzan (needle "frog" for flower arrangements) and clippers,  please bring them. Some kenzan may be available for loan or sale on the day.
There will be a break for lunch. You can bring your own, or choose among many eateries in the neighbourhood. 
NOTE: registrations must be received by Thursday, July 4 in order to allow Mrs Yukawa to gather the correct amount of flowers and branches for the workshop.