Way of Shambhala

Basic Goodness I: Who am I? The Basic Goodness of Being Human

with Ginny Evans

January 21st—February 25th - Date postponed or cancelled

We look at our experience of our sense of self and identity. Our sense of "me", drawing from both Buddhist "selflessness" and the Shambhala view of basic goodness. Continue »

Educator Circle: Trauma-Sensitive Shambhala Pedagogy

with Shastri Joachim Sehrbrock

March 7th—March 28th - Date postponed or cancelled

This curriculum consists of Educator Circles through March 2019. Continue »

Fearlessness in Everyday Life

with Shastri Mariel Gomez, Zachariah Finley, Shastri John Fox

March 28th—April 25th

A companion course to Shambhala Training Level 4: Awakened Heart. We learn to work with our anxiety, so that we are not blocked by fear. The meditator, open to uncertainty, goes beyond the emotions of hope and fear to experience equanimity. Continue »

Level V: Open Sky

May 3rd—May 5th - Date postponed or cancelled

Communicating with the world gently and fearlessly, our awareness is sharpened and we find the open clear sky of mind--a delightful source of wisdom and uplifted energy. We trust our nature enough to let go into the present moment. Continue »