Reopening Survey Results

The Vancouver Shambhala Centre all-volunteer Council asked our membership in June 2020 for feedback on our plan to reopen the Shambhala Centre during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Council’s suggestions for visitors, volunteers and the VSC setup are detailed on this page.

The results of the survey:


Comments and suggestions, both from members, and in response to the email to the full mailing list:

  • What about the “choke point” in the community room/kitchen area? Should some furniture be moved from there?
  • Dr. Henry is not requiring masks. She recommends them but understands that some people are unable to wear them for medical reasons. Perhaps, if someone for their own reasons chooses not to wear a mask we institute a 3-metre (10 feet) distance for them.
  • The big shrine room could hold more people occupancy could be higher. Do not serve tea or food as that requires closer contact.
  • I’d like to see wearing a facemask as required, except in cases of medical issue. Also wondering if there’s a way to reserve (and pay a donation for) a spot. It takes me about an hour to get to the centre so getting there and having a “full” sign wouldn’t be the best (though I’m sure I can deal with it!) Any kind of reservation or even advice, such as “get here 15 min early to ensure a spot” or “best to attend online if…” would be helpful. Good luck and thank you!
  • I am unclear what the hurry is to reopen? In my opinion the amount of safety measures that needs to be in place to ensure the health and safety of others hardly justifies such a small number of people being allowed to come into the VSC physical space. I would not want to volunteer at the Centre under these circumstances. I do not feel a need to go to or be at the Centre at this time. If we are operating from a ground of kindness, I do not see moving in this direction at this time to be kind and caring. Those of us who are using Zoom have found it incredibly workable and that it has allowed more people to gather for several reasons. Thank you for asking this question.
  • I would maybe add something about sticking to one set of cushions or chair for the duration of any session. Perhaps also people should just bring their own teas in a flask or to go mug, rather than using any kettles, urns etc at all.
  • Thank you to all the Council Members for your time, thought, care and detail that was put towards re-opening VSC and keeping everyone safe.
  • The information Council has provided about how everything is to be done to keep people safe is excellent. Very well thought out and detailed. But because of my age (70’s) and underlying health concerns, unfortunately I will not be attending anything in person at this time. Thank you all for your efforts.
  • I’m really pleased with what has been developed & looking forward to the reopening
  • Yes, sounds good to me
  • Yes, I am interested in attending at the Centre under Covid conditions. Thanks.
  • I am not comfortable yet to attend group programs at the Centre
  • Yes, we will likely attend Sunday mornings and continue with Zoom for Wednesday evenings. Thanks.
  • I am interested in attending events under the ‘posted conditions’
  • Yes, thanks so much.
  • I truly appreciate the changes and I’m in full support of them. Thanks for all the work on this. Since I’m living entirely on the Sunshine Coast these days I won’t go to the Centre for any in person events. I will try and join online.
  • I’m absolutely interest in attending!!
  • I think you’ve listed a variety of great options to keep facilities safe & clean. Thx.
  • I am interested in attending in-person sessions under the proposed terms. I also would like to continue to attend them by Zoom.