Three mornings of sitting meditation

with Geoff Bannoff

April 25th—April 27th (2017)

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    Program Registration is Closed.

    Three mornings of sitting meditation, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Each morning begins at 9 am, and includes sitting meditation, walking meditation and a short practice talk on applying the Four Foundations of Mindfulness in our meditation practice.  

    The Four Foundations of Mindfulness are teachings from the historical Buddha on how to direct our minds to various aspects of our present-moment experience.  This helps us to develop our natural mindfulness.  These teachings are particularly helpful for new practitioners to provide a strong ground for ongoing meditation practice.  For seasoned practitioners (even those with decades of experience), these teachings point out and help us tune into the subtleties of our meditation experience. 

    The program ends at noon.  Participants are invited to go out together for lunch to a local restaurant.

    Please note:  this program does not include first-time meditation instruction.  For that, please come to one of our Learn to Meditate programs prior to this.

    It is fine to arrive late, leave early, or drop in for whatever period of time you would like to sit.

    Please consider a $5 donation for each session.

    The program is lead by Geoff Bannoff, who has practiced mindfulness meditation in our community for over 40 years.