Wednesday Open House

Open House, hosted every Wednesday night at the Vancouver Shambhala Centre, welcomes newcomers into the community with warmth. The evening takes first time meditators through guided instruction which flows into a relevant talk about meditation practice. Experienced meditators are welcome to come and practice meditation together, as well, and many people in our community make Open House a regular part of their lives.

The evening begins at 7:00 pm with sitting and walking meditation in the main meditation hall until 8:00 pm. (You are welcome to arrive late or leave early for this meditation period.)

If you would like first-time meditation instruction, please arrive a few minutes early to introduce yourself. At 7 pm, join with an experienced meditation instructor in the secondary meditation hall for instruction and discussion about meditation practice. Many people find it helpful to repeat meditation instruction occasionally.

At 8 pm everyone joins back in the Main Meditation Hall for announcements of upcoming events, followed by a short break for tea and cookies and casual conversation. At 8:20pm there is a dharma talk and discussion. The evening concludes shortly after 9 pm.

There is no fee for Open House, though donations are appreciated.

Everything you need is provided; just come as you are.

NOTE: Beginning November, 2023, American Sign Language interpretation services (ASL) are provided on the first Wednesday of every month. An ASL interpreter will be present to assist in interpreting meditation instruction as well the dharma talks, questions and discussions. 

You can arrive on time or late for any in-person sitting session. Please place your shoes in the main closet and enter the meditation hall quietly.  You can also quietly leave any meditation session early. A good time to do this is during walking meditation.

Donations are appreciated to help support the Vancouver Shambhala Centre. Donate online using the button below, or in-person at the Shambhala Centre, using cash or card.