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Sadhana of Mahamudra

August 15th—February 23rd (2020)

An open practice meant for our particular time as a means of overcoming the obstacles of spiritual materialism in our practice, our lives and the world. Continue »

A Year of Deepening in Compassion Part IV -- Skillful Dragon: Lojong and Compassionate Engagement

October 20th—January 19th (2020)

The spiritual path does not lead to non-activity and withdrawing from the world. This course explores the teachings on Lojong (famous mind-training slogans by Atisha) that invite us to utilize the difficulties and problems we encounter to deepen our path. Continue »

Vajrayogini feast

October 23rd—February 18th (2020)

Monthly practice for those who have received the Vajrayogini abhisheka in our tradition. Continue »

Council Meeting

November 18th—April 20th (2020)

Council meets on the third Monday of each month (except holidays). Members are welcome to attend and observe as guests. Continue »

Maitri Bhavana: A Loving Kindness Practice for Those Who Are Suffering

December 8th—February 2nd (2020)

Maitri Bhavana meditation practice cultivates compassion by being willing to take on the sense of suffering of others, acknowledging our deep interconnectedness. Continue »

Year End Meditation Retreat

December 27th—December 29th

Year end sitting meditation retreat. Continue »

New Year's Eve Practice and Celebration

December 31st

You are warmly invited to join us in ringing in the new year! Continue »

The Path of Mahamudra, as taught by The Vidyadhara, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

with Acharya Susan Chapman & Martin Evans

January 2nd—February 6th (2020)

Exploration of Trungpa Rinpoche's Mahamudra teachings, presented by Martin Evans and Susan Chapman. Open to all Shambhala trantrikas. Continue »

Excellent At The Beginning class

with Ron Hilburn

January 3rd—January 31st (2020)

5 week class based on Khenpo Karthar presentation of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, in book Excellent at the Beginning. Of interest to new and seasoned meditators Continue »

Profound Treasury Vol. 1 reading and discussion

with Cathryn Stein Abato

January 5th—February 9th (2020)

Kate Abato will host afternoons of sitting meditation, with a reading from the Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, Vol. 1, followed by discussion. Continue »

Awakening the Heart II: The Joyful Snow Lion and The Paramitas

with Acharya Susan Chapman

January 7th—February 4th (2020)

This drop-in course is the second of a four-part program that offers a comprehensive introduction to the teachings and practices of Mahayana Buddhism. Open to the Public Continue »

Shambhala Training - The Heart of Being Human

with John Fox

January 17th—January 18th (2020)

The first in a series of contemplative workshops for both beginner and experienced meditators. We explore the profound practice of sitting meditation with an attitude of trust in our basic nature. Continue »

Dharma Book Club

February 2nd—March 22nd (2020)

Join us for a sit, discussion and tea. Delving into the teachings together. Open to everyone. Continue »

Buddhadharma Without Credentials

with Ron Greenberg & Joan Cawsey

February 13th—March 12th (2020)

This series of five classes based on early talks given by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche will interest new meditators as well as experienced practitioners. Continue »