Introduction to Ikebana: the Contemplative Way of Flowers

with Brooke Pohl

May 4th

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  • $95 Program Price
  • $140 Generosity Price
  • $150 Special
  • ($15 Material Fee included in each price.)
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Room: 256 West 7 Avenue, Unit 208

NOTE: this is day one of a weekend workshop. If you would like to attend both days, register for this Saturday workshop and also this one: Sunday's "Introduction to Freestyle"  Then pay the "Special" rate of $150 - a significant savings. (Please register for each day, but you  only need to pay once, selecting the "Special" price) 


Rooted in an ancient Japanese tradition, ikebana combines the beauty of flowers with one's creativity to open a path to self discovery.  It hones our patience, mindfulness, confidence and artistic instinct. 

"What sets ikebana apart from other art forms is that the artist creates with live material.  To notice and expose the essence of a branch or flower is the art of joining nature with one's heart and mind.  Much of the practice and delight of ikebana is to collect materials from one's environment and make a small expression with what one finds.  The goal in making any ikebana arrangement is to find unity in all the parts, including the container, and allow the parts to harmonize and speak to each other as in a good conversation.  If one "listens," perhaps a viewer will "see" what the artist has to say."

                                              -Brooke Pohl


Brooke Benn Pohl has studied Sogetsu Ikebana for 30 years with Master Sensei Noriko Fields who resided in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Over the years Brooke has given demonstrations, taught workshops and classes, including at Shambhala Centers,  throughout North America. She has created arrangements for the Lexington Symphony,  the Japan America Society of Kentucky, meditation retreats, various restaurants and other public and private venues. Brooke lives in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Insta:@ikebanaartist and website:


Intro to ikebana: A hands-on experience working with the basic forms of Sogetsu Ikebana including the structural and contemplative aspects of this practice with flowers. Brooke will demonstrate a basic upright and and a slant-style arrangement. 
Students will create one arrangement in the morning and a variation on that arrangement in the afternoon.
Participants are encouraged to bring a bag lunch for the lunch break, but there are some nearby places for buying lunch as well.
Please bring a shallow "cake pan" type container so you can bring your arrangement home with you. If you have a kenzan (needle "frog" for flower arrangements) and clippers (hasami),  please bring them. Some may be available for loan or sale on the day.
Those who complete the Saturday session are eligible to join more experienced practitioners for the Sunday session: Introduction to Freestyle.