North Shore Meditation Group

with Jennifer Rodrigues & Paul Belserene

October 21st

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    Room: St. Andrews United Church, North Vancouver

    Mindfulness - Awareness Meditation      Free drop in   Come as you are

    The practice of meditation is found within many traditions throughout the world. Instruction in this practice at St. Andrew's United Church is offered by Shambhala Buddhist Meditation Instructors and follows the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of oral transmission that is part of an unbroken lineage dating back 2,500 years.

    Mindfulness-Awareness Meditation practice is the foundation of all practice within the Shambhala Buddhist community.

    How Meditation Can Help You: Mindfulness-Awareness Meditation helps settle the mind and bring forth its natural qualities of spaciousness, clarity, and attentiveness.
    Mindfulness-Awareness Meditation [Shamatha-Vipashyana] is a way to train our minds to remain calm no matter what arises in our lives. It allows us to relax into our inherent goodness.

    It is a practice anyone can do.


    St. Andrew's United Church & the North Shore Meditation Group are co-sponsors of this free drop-in meditation group practice. The North Shore Meditation Group was started by authorized Shambhala Buddhist Meditation Instructors in order to offer Mindfulness-Awareness meditation group practice on the North Shore.

    Please use the main front entrance of the Church on E. 10th St.

    We look forward to welcoming you soon.

    The final meditation session will be December 9, 2019.