Introduction to Mahayana class

with Geoff Bannoff

May 28th—June 25th

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  • $60 Program Price
  • $90 Generosity Price
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Room: Main Meditation Hall

Introduction to Mahayana

5 Tuesdays, starting May 28
7:00 - 8:45 pm

For those already familiar with mindfulness practice, this immersive exploration will feel like a natural progression. The Mahayana teachings encourage us to think beyond our habitual ego-view, and to reconnect with our good heartedness. This process reawakens our innate compassion for others, while sharpening our awareness--both useful in these tumultuous times. 

We will discuss: 
- The connection between the Hinayana teachings on working with habitual patterns and the Mahayana teachings of engaging the world.
- Bodhicitta (awakened heart/mind) and how to reconnect to it
- The bodhisattva vow to put others before ourselves.
- The practice of generosity, and the other paramitas. 
- Beyond concepts - the teachings on emptiness (sunyata) 

Students will be provided with readings before each class. Each class will have an in-person talk, a tea break, and small discussion groups. 

The Mahayana teachings build on the foundation of mindfulness/awareness practice, so we ask that all participants have a regular sitting meditation practice. 


Geoff Bannoff has been practicing with the Vancouver Shambhala Centre for 50 years.